Vessel PerformanceMetWorks has built a reputation for providing professional, quality services to the Marine industry. Our routeing advice is provided by British Master Mariners using the best data from the UK Met Office. We continue to use this traditional method that has proven to be the most reliable and effective way of assisting the Master to make his best decisions in carrying out his duties of completing each passage in a safe but efficient manner.

We appreciate many ships are now fitted with on board weather management systems but this relies on many things: downloading the data in time, interpreting the information to hand and making decisions with perhaps limited knowledge or familiarity with the data displayed.
All this of course takes time which in certain circumstances the Master does not always have, especially when it comes to deciding on an initial route after sailing from port. A decision that may be crucial to the outcome of the entire voyage.
By taking the most effective and efficient trans-ocean route the vessel will not only SAVE TIME and FUEL but ultimately the increasing relevance of REDUCING CARBON EMISSIONS.

For the cost of a few hundred pounds MetWorks will assist the Master and monitor the forecasts assessing the most optimum route prior to the ship leaving port. Once the Master has more time at sea he will be able to use his on board system in conjunction with our own advice and information giving him the confidence to make the best route decisions during the passage.

Using our archive data we can also provide analysis of a passage giving an assessment of the route taken and give an unbiased calculation on the performance of the ship involved. This information can be used for future reference on a long term charter or help to settle any disputes between interested parties.