MetWorks have been reviewing our charges in the light of stiff competition and the exchange rates that have made our products less competitive.

Through restructuring and making savings in our working practice we have produced a new price guide that reduces our standard routeing charges by between 13% and 23% depending on the length of the voyage.

For an example, our standard charges for the weather routeing service between Europe and the US East Coast were £400 and for a routeing between Europe and the US Gulf or Caribbean was £450. MetWorks will now offer a flat rate of £350 for every Atlantic crossing (whatever the start and end ports) for all routeings.

This charge will be all inclusive provided that all communications to the ships are to be sent by Email.

For each and every routeing that we undertake we will provide the following Service level:

  1. A pre departure brief to the Master including a provisional route based on the optimum route with reasoning and brief weather outlook for departure. This will take in to account the latest predicted weather from the world-renowned UK Met Office data and wave model, Tropical storms, Sea Ice and Icebergs, where relevant, together with ocean current data. We also take into account the Vessel’s loaded condition and schedule requirements.
  2. On receipt of the Master’s sailing message, we send a route confirmation or change as necessary and full forecast on the agreed route for up to 5 days.
  3. Each route is reviewed daily as we monitor the daily positions and progress made by the ship against the latest 5-day predictions.
  4. Forecasts are updated at least every two days throughout the passage and more frequently should the weather dictate this, particularly if the route is likely to be affected by a tropical cyclone.
  5. All messages sent from MetWorks can be copied to any interested parties so that our service can be evaluated.
  6. If requested we can analyse the passage and provide an unbiased report on the performance of the vessel during the ocean crossing.
  7. If the Master’s desire it,  they may phone to discuss the route with one of our expert marine  meteorologically trained Master Mariner.