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Ship Weather Routeing Service

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About Ship Weather Routing

We will co-operate with the Master and Owner, assisting in every possible way, to ensure a safe and economical passage.

The MetWorks Ship Weather Routeing service provides comprehensive weather forecasts and advice on the optimum route throughout the passage. Practical recommendations for the safest and most economical voyage are provided by our team of experienced Master Mariners and forecasters, using the latest data supplied by the UK Meteorological Office.

Major shipping companies using our Ship Weather Routeing service have found this to be a cost effective way of providing regular and consistent weather information and advice to the ship-master.

The Master is then in a position to make well informed decisions about the most economical and safest passage.

Masters regularly receive consistent and accurate advice and weather updates.

There are many advantages of receiving weather routeing services from ex Master Mariners who are aware of the ship-masters responsibilities and can relate to the problems and decisions that may have to be made.